Since its inception, tech giant Google has been one company that has been a part of our day to day lives. Its strong R & D has led to countless innovations in the field of technology. Apart from the biggest search engine, to the most widely used mails in the form of Gmail, Google has had some great innovations which have affected the tech world.


Ofcourse the biggest and widely used platform on mobile phones, Android has shook the smart phone world. Although it has been acquired by Google and innovated, but the company has made some major improvements and upgradations to take Android to the level where it is today.

Google Glass

A gadget straight out of a Bond movie, Google Glass is an eye glasses like wearable product which can take picture from the wearer’s eye level, attend phone calls and even check mails and messages as it becomes an extension of the smart phone the user is carrying.

Driverless Cars

Taking the chauffeur driven cars to another level, Google is testing on cars that will not need drivers. The tests are on in Nevada and California, where the cars are using the GPRS systems to negotiate and run.

Google Street View

An extension of the innovative Google Maps, Google street view gives a 360 degree view of any street on its map. One can also have a 3D view of the street with supportive gadgets ofcourse.

Google Fiber

Launched in 2011, Google fiber is internet service provider branch of Google. Providing breathtaking speeds of up to 1GB per second, it also provides 1TB of cloud storage space.



Google it’s trying to make password protection a thing of past. The company has developed various new modes like fingerprint and eye retina detection and is going further with tests of installing electronic devices under the skin to be used as unique passwords.

Project Loon

To bring internet connectivity to remote areas, Google has deviced air balloons fitted with Internet antennae and sending them 20kms up in the air to provide internet services to faraway places.

Voice Recognition

Google has taken voice recognition to another level in its newly acquired Motorola handsets division. The technology working on quad core Adreno GPU enables the phone to recognize voice and perform functions even when it’s in sleep mode.

Home Automation

Google has taken the inventions to our homes by connecting appliances with its Android platform. Products like Coffee Pots, light bulbs etc work on commands given by your phone. It’s expanding its usage and will cover more products very soon.

Chrome books

Dubbed as the next mass usage computers, these laptops work on Chrome and have no connection with either Windows or Apple softwares. Priced very low, these computers offer affordability yet effectiveness.


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