10 Best Multi-Pin Charger


The charger is use to charge the electronic device like mobile, laptop etc. connector is also called as charger because it can also be used to charge the device, transfer data to the computer, play audio and HotSync. It is divided into two sections. The longer one consists of thirteen pins labeled from right to left (5 to 17); and the shorter section includes three pins on the left 3, right 1 and on the top 2. The cable shield connectors (4, 18) are placed on each side of the thirteen pins.

The top 10 multipin charger are as follows

  • ERD Multi Charger LP-66TC worth of Rs 229.00
  • ERD Mobile Multi Charger LP-44TC 5 in 1 worth of Rs 198.00
  • Tomtom Multi Car Charger-Black worth of Rs 1,515.00
  • Luminous MCC Multi LCC01 Charger worth of Rs 175.00
  • Callmate 10 in 1 USB Lead charger worth of Rs 165.00
  • ERD Multiplug Mobile Travel Charger LP-100 10 in 1 charger (LP_100 TC).
  • MiGadgets MGU 5 in 1 Universal Multi-Pin Car Charger with Two Micro Connecter for smartphones worth of Rs 618.00
  • Samsung ETA-P 10 JBEGSTA Galaxy Tab Detachable Multi Travel Charger with USB to 30 pin data cable worth of Rs 2,078.00
  • ERD Multiplug Mobile Car Charger LP-66 worth of Rs 209.00
  • 5 in 1 Portable USB Multi Pin Charger for Multiple Mobile Cable and Car Charger.

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