The world has been shrinking day by day. Travel has become less time consuming and less cumbersome. Going from one place to another has not only become convenient, but the options are also numerous. Technology has helped in more ways than one and travel has gained immensely from it too. Some of the top tech innovations related to travel are

Online Booking

Gone are the days of standing in que or requesting your travel agent to book a ticket. Online ticketing has made life simpler. Now we can book a ticket for air, road or sea travel with a click of a mouse.


Global positioning system has meant that we can no longer be lost no matter in how unknown territory we are. The system uses satellite to track our position and guides us to our destination.

Smart Phones

Smart phones with their apps have made travel much easier. One can check in at an airport, book a ticket, check availability and track progress all through a hand held smart phone.

Online Flight Check-in

By enabling us to check in from our computers or phones, online flight check in has cut down the wait due to long lines at the ticket check counters at the airport.

Digital Camera

One doesn’t feel but digital cameras with their pocket friendly size have reduced the space problem to a lot of extent. Travelling has become lighter and we can still carry more memories back home.

Worldwide ATM access

Enabling to withdraw money anywhere anytime in the world has made travelling carefree and easy. No need to worry about money being lost while travelling. Carry only that much money as u need.

Trip Advisor

It is a site which enables us to view a hotel, restaurant or a resort through the eyes of people who have been there before. It contains unbiased reviews about travel related locations and helps us make a decision.

Travel Adaptors                         

Travelling with electronic gadgets used in day to day life has become very common. Have u ever thought that a cell phone without battery is like a piece of rock. It’s the adaptors which help us charge the battery that too using our car or train electric power.

 Couch surfing

A site which allows us to connect with different people across the world, who let us stay in their homes mostly free of cost. In return we return the favour by allowing someone else a stay at our place. This has created a community wherein the boarding is saved.

Engine Technology Advancement

With manufacturers making more powerful engines, the travel time has been reduced considerably, be it air or rail, which has made travel fast and easy.



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