11 Best Pregnancy Apps


1. Sprout: Pregnancy Essentials – $2.99

Developed by American Baby Magazine, the app is certainly best for pregnancy. The app has features such as weekly medical advices, weight tracker, and kick counter and contraction timer. The app also displays 3D images of your developing baby.


2. Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro – $3.99

The app gives you insight about your baby’s development, weight charts and a pregnancy forum. The forum is a great place to get connected with many other pregnant friends.


3. iPregnancy – $3.99

The app allows you to store important information from your doctors’ visit such as your weight, blood pressure, ultrasound photographs and fetal heart rate. The app also gives you suggestions about your baby’s name.


4. Pregnancy Companion – $0.99

The app gives you clear pictures of the baby in your limb, and also gives you weekly guide. The app comes with a drug safety list, prenatal yoga poses, acupressure points, a hydration counter and a bunch of healthy recipes.


5. Baby Center: My Pregnancy Today – FREE

The app suggests you about how to cope with your body changes such as nausea, constipation and heartburn. It also consists of fetal development images, birth videos, a helpful pregnancy checklist and a comprehensive nutrition guide.


6. Your BFF During Pregnancy – $4.99

Learn why you’ll want Tucks Pads, how to get through nausea and why stuffing your bra with frozen peas is a good idea. The app also keeps the track of your doctors’ appointments.


7. Baby Checklist – $1.99

Baby Checklist helps you with making the arrangement of your baby’s arrival. The app gives you a checklist of all items you will require to welcome your baby.


8. Peaceful Nursery App – FREE

This app also allows you to design a peaceful nursery for your baby. It provides you the inspiration and lets you shop for the products you like. As your little one grows, the app helps you to design a big-kid room.


9. Mindfulness For Pregnancy – $3

Mindfulness For Pregnancy gives you the peace of mind during your pregnancy. The app helps you in breathing and meditative exercise to keep your calm during the nine months.


10. My 9 Months – FREE

My 9 Months helps you raise a happy and healthy baby after the delivery. It contains a number of articles and videos on pregnancy and newborn care. You may also read tips and tricks to building the best birth plan.


11. Pregnancy Exercise – FREE

Exercising is very important during pregnancy and this app helps you with the same. The app provides you insight about 34 weeks of safe, bump-friendly workouts.


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