2013 Invention Awards: Robotic Performer


Brian roe, a technology consultant recently started working on a low-cost kit to teach robotics. His work which is in progress is his answer to the emerging market of hobbyist robots, since the market switched to computer representations over mechanical characters and the surge of user friendly microelectronics.

With an eye on the future of robotic society and his goal to facilitate people to comprehend, and program robotics, Roe created the frame of the robot by laser cutting lightweight wood. Roy the robot as it is called retains a complex architecture while keeping itself cost effective, with its animatronics software controlled 1,200 parts and is all but a head, neck, and pair of lower arms which already looks quite like a human. Using Twenty-eight low-cost servomotors Roy gestures with his hands; move his wrist, neck, and jaw; and even blink his eyes.

Roe launched a triumphant crowd-funding campaign to complete Roy’s upper arms and shoulders, hoping to sell the kits for about $300 in order to fill a need for reasonably priced manipulators. He estimates that a full robot kit with a torso and legs might cost $3,000, and he hopes to someday instill in Roy enough artificial intelligence to learn human motion.


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