2014- Year of Revolution in Tech-Media world


2014 will bring renaissance for cable operators. It will be the biggest challenge to compete with Satellite TV and telecoms. Viewers may experience more new collections of digital content companies like DreamWorks Animation’s 2013 and Awesomeness TV is brought by YouTube. If you are a simple cable user, you will be also able to access live TV anytime anywhere.

You can fulfill your all needs by using your Smartphone, like popular social networking sites like Twitter, retail and video content all will be accessible from mobile. Top most sites like facebook and LinkedIn will grow more than half of their earning from mobile device. Famous video providers; the cable, satellite, broadcasters and telecoms will bring many new apps, like Disney’s “watch ABC” and “HBO”.  Some powerful music apps like iTunes, Pandora and spotify already took place in music lovers’ heart.

Convergence will come in the media and tech business. The transformations will be take place in these ways:

  1. The contrast between digital and tradition content will be no more here.
  2. Media giants will shake their hands with digital distribution as they find more traditional media companies to sell their content to biggest companies like Amazon Microsoft and Netflix.
  3. Hulu Pulu has been come to its existence as Cable subscribers will be able to free access of the company.

So, enjoy 2014 with new luck, new deals and biggest achievements.


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