22 years later, a paralyzed patient walks again, thanks to 3D-printed exoskeleton


Now, it is excellent good news indeed. A paralyzed Amanda Boxtel is walking once again since 1992. She underwent treatment via this robotic suit developed by 3D Systems and EksoBionics. She had an accident while skiing and it paralyzed her from her waist portion. Doctors gave up saying that she will never be able to walk ever. But this revolutionary 3D-printed suit completely changed her life. 22 years later, a lady is able to walk because of this exoskeleton. This new exoskeleton had been perfectly fitted and suited for her. Her body was first scanned and then the suit was combined together with mechanical actuators that had been made by EksoBionics.

It can ne maintained that science is truly a blessing. Forget the curses science has earned. For the time-being, Amanda is in complete awe of science and its inventions. This 3D system truly transformed a life. One such transformation will really keep the ball rolling.


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