3D Printing Market to Double By 2015


With the development of 3D technology, it is expected to spread out to high impact areas such as consumer product and industrial manufacture, and other areas like education, defense, medical equipments, architecture, transportation and telecommunications, retail and fashion product design and yet another set of areas like financial services, with reduction in cost and complexity of creating 3D printed items with advances in 3D print and design tools.


Thus the 3D printer market though at a budding stage is set to grow by 49% in 2013 reaching global units of 56,507. Industry watchers believe that in the coming years, 3D printer has tremendous prospective in terms of consumer and enterprise demand, and with high quality and performance advances it is likely to grow to 98,065 units of shipment by 2014 and nearly double that in 2015, with seven of the fifty biggest multinational retailers selling these through their online and physical outlets. The combined end user spending on 3Dprinters is going to reach $412 million this year and $669 million in 2015 as compared to $288 million in 2012, as indicated by reports.


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