About 3D Printing


3D Printing is a process of creating a three dimensional objects of any size and shape from a digital model. It is also known as additive manufacturing. It is so called because 3D printing is obtained with the help of additive process. In this process, successive layers are laid down in various shapes. 3D printing is totally different from traditional machine printing techniques. Those traditional methods involve the removal of materials from techniques like drilling or cutting, which is also known as subtractive process. 3D printer is only capable of carrying out an additive process under computer control like computer numerical control.

The first 3D printer was created in the year 1984 and was invented by Chuck Hull in 3D systems corporation. 3D printing technology was first applied to prototyping resulting rapid prototyping. Production role gained reasonable scale initially in the early 2010s. At the beginning of 21st century, large growth in the sale of AM machine resulted drop in its price automatically. In single packet, machine tool builder created machines that have both additive and subtractive manufacturing. Open source 3D printing leads to mass market item because domestic 3D printers are capable of balancing their cost by allowing consumers to stay away from cost associated with buying ordinary household objects.


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