9 million iPhones sold in first weekend


Some said that Android has out-marketed Apple iPhone but recent sales figures have proved it’s not true. Continuing its market dominance, Apple has sold 9 million iPhones in the first weekend. The company sold 5 million iPhone 5 in the same time frame last year, and 4 million iPhone 4S in 2011. This time, the company received much higher sales than both its predecessors.

These sales figures include the sales of iPhone 5S and 5C together. There is no individual data by the company about both the devices, but it is anticipated that 5S has accounted 6.95 million while 5C attained 2.05 million figure.

There are two main reasons behind these sales high-end sales figures. First, the company launched the devices in China market on very first day, which is the largest market for SmartPhones. Second, it was the first time when Apple unleashed two gadgets on same day. Reason might be anything but Apple has reached their sales target much sooner than they anticipated. With these figures, the company’s stock price has increased by 6 percent and has approached to $500 share price.


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