Advantages of Cloud Computing


In computer networking, cloud computing is a term used to explain a variety of computing concepts that settle on a remote machine and are provided to the user as a service over a communication network such as the internet. It is much related to the concept of utility computing. The Benefits of Cloud Computing are given below:

Cost Efficiency: The cloud is available at very cheap rates and can considerably lower the overall IT expenditures.

Continuous and Convenience availability: Public clouds provide best services that are available wherever the individual might be located.

Backup and Recovery: The several cloud vendors provide flexible and reliable backup and recovery solutions.

Cloud is environmentally friendly: It is more efficient than the IT facilities and it save the energy.

Resiliency and Redundancy: The cloud computing provide redundancy and resiliency to its users as a cloud deployment is generally built on a robust architecture.

Increased Storage Capacity: It can store more data as compared to a personal computer so it provides unlimited storage capacity.

Device Diversity and Location Independence: The services of Cloud computing can be accessed through a range of electronic devices that helps to access the internet. The electronic devices include not only the traditional PCs, but also tablets, Smartphone etc.


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