Apple iPhone 5S or Nokia Lumia 1020: Which Camera is better?


Catching the shoppers’ attention this holiday season is the super high resolution camera from Nokia Lumia 1020′s and the Apple’s best yet camera on a phone with the iPhone 5S. Lumia 1020 with its 41-megapixel image sensor great on the digital zoom and actual full resolutions photos closer to 38 megapixels, though the camera saves the downsized 5 megapixels photos by default, enough for sharing on web and offloading to the computer. iPhone 5S with its 8-megapixel image sensor is actually sharper when you take the entire image into account. Both feature a lens that covers a 28mm (35mm equivalent) field of view, and a fixed f/2.2 aperture for decent light-gathering capability.


But something the iPhone 5S does feature is a dual-LED flash while the Lumia 1020 has a camera flash traditional found in phones and a digital zoom not found in the 5S. To compete with iPhone’s sharpness on the whole, the 1020 with its sharp center and blurry corners may not be that disappointing as 1020 offers manual shooting options like controlling ISO, shutter speed or exposure value compensation something the former can’t match. The performance of 5S is in tandem with a good point and shoot camera which launches in 2.2 seconds and that is where Lumia lags behind- speed as it takes a full 6.1 seconds to launch the camera app and an inappropriate slow focus and shot-to-shot time.


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