Apple wards off subscription to Twitter!!!!


One of the most globally burning issues of the time is that Google has around 8 million followers on the most widely used social networking site Twitter, Microsoft about 4 million, Yahoo and Samsung each has about 1 million. But Apple has merely 26,000 followers on Twitter which has become an issue of great discussion among the social media. But the fact is that Apple has never been in Twitter. But Apple has several divisions in different names that have access to Twitter in the names: iTunes Music which has 4 million followers, Apps Store has 2.4 million and the other nine divisions have in total 2.5 million followers in Twitter.

In this way Apple has about 13 million followers on Twitter but not with any official name of the company. Brian Sozzi told CNBC that Apple has nothing to make profit from having an account in the Twitter. Instead it has 1.8 million subscribers in YouTube where is posts videos and it also has 1.4 million subscribers in LinkedIn where the fans get job notifications. It also has 10 million fans in the world’s largest networking site Face book although it does not share any news or interact with its fans.


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