Apple’s leap from small screen iPhones to large screen one, the wait must be worth


It has become customary for the users to grab a bite of Apple each year. Apple is dwelling on the shore of launching iPhones with large screens, not one, bout two. Apple has till date bore the frown of many customers who did not like the small screens. But such looks will soon change into an admirable one. It is reported that one iPhone will have a display 4.5-inch and the other, well…larger than 5-inches.

The waiting may be over by the second half, but the counting has already begun. Apple is after all a newsmaker. Apple has kept its eagle eyes on the China market because there iPhones are a craze. Going by the reports from the celebrated Wall Street Journal, Apple is most unlikely to come up with any plastic iPhones. The design must have the Apple trademark (most likely).

Whether this leap from small to large screen bears fruit or not, only the second half will reveal, till then the customers can enjoy in the waiting room.


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