Apple’s tryst with yesteryear marketing plan


History had its moment when the celebrated marketing guru of the Silicon Valley, Regis McKenna proposed his idea to the one and only Steve Jobs. Apple made its retail debut in the year 2001. Regis McKenna revealed that he had a meeting with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak way back in the year 1976. He told about this while chatting at the Computer History Museum on Thursday.

The aforementioned pair actually wanted somebody to market and to advertise Apple II. McKenna boarded the wrong train and declined the business offer. McKenna added that Jobs called almost 40 times at that night. During the dinner course, McKenna and Jobs talked about the look of the Apple in the coming years. McKenna went on to draft a marketing plan consisting of eight pages in the year 1976. The twist lies here that McKenna was the man and the mind behind the tech industry’s idolized companies. He took Silicon Valley to the highest level.


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