B-Tech College in Australia


Bachelor of Technology in Australia is a four year professional qualification and undergraduate degree course. With the same university it is also obtainable in six year course or an eight year part time course. For the membership of the institution in Australia only graduates of certified courses are eligible. Upon graduation Bachelor of Engineering graduates can work as a graduate professional engineer. Some opt for higher studies like Master’s or Doctoral degree after their graduation. State registration requirements and Chartered Professional Engineer positions are normally obtained in later years. To distinguish engineering graduates from other professions they are frequently referred as Professional Engineers.

Some of the engineering colleges in Australia are: UTS engineering college located in Sydney. Victoria University in Melbourne offering 4 years full time graduate degree engineering (Mechnical Engineering). University of Southern Queensland is famous for Bachelor of Engineering Technology Civil Engineering. B tech has a greater weight on engineering aspects, mainly electronic, plastics, and electrical circuits than compared to the Bsc. Common fields for Bachelor of technology degree include:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering- mainly deals with chemicals and converting these into more useful forms.
  • Biological Engineering- includes biosystem, biochemical, biomolecular and biochemical.
  • Civil Engineering- includes industrial manufacturing, control and materials engineering, building engineering with wide ranging field.
  • Electronics and communication Engineering- It has very diverse field including  Communication/Communication system engineering, Wireless and Telecommunication, Information Technology, Microelectrics Engineering, software engineering.
  • Production Engineering- it includes engineering of management and machines.

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