Basic online skills we should know about


This is the age of the web. Let us explore some basic online skills to make the most of our mobile, tablet, computer or interactive television.

Online basics- First we should go for tips to choose our Broadband or Wi-Fi package. We should find information on broadband speeds and tips on choosing the right broadband limit. We should have  information on typical features found on popular browser programs and how to use programs to search the internet. We also should know how to set up an email account and security of the account.

Online services-We should know things to look out for when spending money online, online forms, government’s website, social networks, blogs and parental tools.

Online choices-We should explore about helpful pointers for downloading files and finding reputable download sites. We should also be aware of safe download, social media and libel.

Online media-We should know about watching programmes , films and clips on the internet. There is loads to listen on online from internet radio to podcasts, smart TV and how to use set-top boxes, game consoles and other devices to get connected television.

Partners-We can know about partners looking for embeddable resources from the video portal: Webwise: Get connected.


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