Battlefield 4 to rock February


Like movies, the Battlefield is also accumulating for its sequel. This time it is Battlefield 4 which is due to get it’s released in the month of February. This has been announced on the Battlefield forum that the next up-gradation shall perk up more stability and steadiness. It will include fixes and tweaks and will provide for the mutilplayer component. The details regarding the patch notes will be made available only when the update goes live. DICE is at present looking for feedback from the various players on the gameplay balancing items.

DICE has been providing with various updates all through the platforms since Battlefield has been launched. They all focuses on the issues related to stability, file corruption errors and other bugs. The waiting is much awaited for now. The hope is building on very consistently. Till then Battlefield 4 can take a breather. We are keeping our fingers crossed.


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