BBM chief to bid adieu to Blackberry, dark days ahead


Dark days are ahead for Blackberry. The existing executive is going to bid adieu to the company. The company is also struggling very hard to find foothold in the business arena. The news hit the market on Monday. Andrew Bocking joins the list of the dear departed. The list consists of many such high-profile executives. Bocking’s departure will cause some irreparable damage. The messenger service of the BlackBerry’s BBM was the only unparalleled service, but his departure will develop a chink in the armor. BlackBerry will be facing some tough times, there is no doubt about it.

 However, BlackBerry is kept its lips sealed regarding the reason behind his sad departure. Now, John Sims will supervise the BBM association. Now, it’s on Sims’s shoulders to give BlackBerry enough reasons to smile. For the time-being, BlackBerry must prepare itself for a grand farewell for Andrew Bocking. The rest seems apprehensive for the company.


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