Best apps for learning english


1. Grammar Up

Grammar is the first and most major need of any language to learn that language. This app helps a learner to improve his grammar and vocabulary and also wordnet. The feature, consists a lot multiple choice questions with grouped under different grammar categories makes this app one of the most highly recommended apps for English learners.

2. English LaunchPad

This app is specially created for learners and also for teachers with useful information to increase your learning practice. Basic features provided by this app are grammar structure, lesson plans and the practice exercises with translator & student tracker.

3. Socrative

Socrative app is a great cloud based app which provides tools for creating a variety of quizzes and different exercises for students to help the teachers in examining the students. It is a great tool for instant formative and summative assessments. Highly recommended app for learners and also for tutors.

4. Learn English The Fun Way

It is the simplest and an amazing app for learners. It provides a great way to learn by matching lessons. Its exercises are as per its name suggests, in which the user have to match an animal or a picture with description and a short description of something to its picture.

5. SpeakingPal

As the name suggests “SpeakingPal” is a app which provides a feature of speaking. This app is recommended to a tutor as well as a learner. It helps in improving speaking skill by record and compare with a native English speaker facility. Speakingpal app also combines video play back with speech recognition feature which tests your speaking skill. This app basically understands and rates your speech with immediate response.

6. Grammaropolis

The Grammaropolis app is a very exciting app which provides different animated characters with different personalities and roles. It helps in learning the way of speech at different places in different manner.

7. iFPoems

A poetry lover must like this app because of its unique poem feature. iFPoems is a fantastic app which consists of a huge collection of poems from famous poets around the world. It also helps the users to create their own recordings of the poem and save them.


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