5 Best diet plan App for your smart phone


1. Ziplist

Free – iPhone, Android

The app collaborates with best dieting blogs across the globe and suggests you the must have ingredients in your food. You can share the meal planning via email, instant message or text.


2. Whole Foods Market Recipes

Free – iPhone

The app includes more than 3,000 nutritional recipes. It also suggests you about the ingredients you must include in your food. Altogether, it features a cooking guide to help you cook healthy food.


3. Foodgawker

Free – iPhone

The app includes best food blogs and makes you able to cook healthy food at your home. The app is basically for those who love cooking, together with living a wholesome lifestyle.


4. Food on the Table

Free – iPhone, Android

Food on the Table is an app which keeps you updated about the food rates in market. You can create an item list for your shopping, and can aid yourself while going to purchase healthy edibles.


5. AllRecipes Dinner Spinner

Free – iPhone, Android

The app has been named as one of the Top-50 Apps by Time. You’ll find cravable recipes by ingredient or discover something tasty. The app also enables you to scan grocery items on the fly to make shopping and searching faster.


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