Best Movie with 3D Effects


The LEGO Movie: One will be more excited to watch this movie at creative bloq. If they are normal visitors to the site, then it is 100% sure that they will be witnessed the obsession with the tiny bricks. Will Arnett, Will Ferrell, Starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks and Morgan Freeman and along with visual effects and animation courtesy of Animal Logic. It was the initial length LEGO move that looks similar to that of 3D movies.

Rise of an Empire: Director Noam Murro obtains the reigns for the film’s sequel after the success of 2007’s 300. When it came to special effects the original quickly became a cult classic so number 3 is the 3D movies with highest hope. The audience expects very big things from special effects and also from senior technician.

How to Train Your Dragon 2: Audiences fall in love with 2007 hit How To Train Your Dragon and his adorable dragon Toothless. After five years, our favorite animated characters identified a secret ice cave when Dreamworks are back to the island of Berk. The complete original cast has returned back, including Johan Hill and Kristen Wiig with director Dean DeBlois.


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