Bid adieu to mouse, eyes will control the machines


Eyes would do the talking now. The mouse is going to bid adieu. The time is coming where the scrolling will be done with the eyes. The forthcoming devices will completely have varied kinds of human-machine interactions. It was revealed by the experts at CES. The computer mouse is surely feeling dejected. Stephen Lake, the co-founder and CEO of Thalmic Labs opined that the entry of such devices into the market will have to be dealt with some methods of interaction. This sort of eye-catching technology is surely going to grab the most of attention. It is one of the most sought after trends – eye tracking technology.

 Microsoft and Leap Motion are also developing products which will be controlled by gestures. The interaction with the devices (just like in Google Glass) has become important. It is left with us to determine if such devices and inventions will take us few steps further or not.


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