Bill gate confesses ctrl-alt-dlt was a mistake


At a recent interview during the fund raising campaign at Harvard, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates finally confessed that setting “Control-Alt-Delete” as a method to log in to Windows was a mistake. Gates discussed how such a requirement of combination was meant to prevent other apps from faking login prompt. He exclaimed that that there was an option to create a single button for such a command, but the IBM keyboard designer didn’t want to give Microsoft a single button.

David Bradley, an engineer working on the original IBM PC, invented the “Control-Alt-Delete” which was meant to restart a PC. In an interview he had once notably said, “I may have invented it, but Bill made it famous.”

“Control-Alt-Delete” still exists in Windows 8, 7 and XP, which allows users to lock a machine or access the task manager. Though this wasn’t the only mistake he admitted to as he spoke about the software maker’s inability to tap in the mobile market on time which was also something Steve Ballmer, the outgoing CEO of Microsoft admitted at a recent financial analysts meet.


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