Funded in the year 2005, Box is a network which facilitates file saving and sharing, based out of Los Altos, California. A company basically into cloud computing, Box incorporation has been actively involved in content management services for business houses.

The company has followed a business model which is referred these days to as freemium model. Herein, the company provides 50 GB of free space for data storage for personal accounts, to its customers. The core business of the company is to provide sharing and storage of data files. The data is uploaded and kept for further use by the customer on Box. The company provides three forms of accounts namely Personal, Business and Enterprise. Depending upon the account type, the company provides storage capacity, administrative controls and even custom branding. The Box storage has 3rd party integration with various apps.

The Box software has been upgraded and is compatible with various mobile platforms like Android, ios, Blackberry and Windows Phones. Although the contents of the data stored on Box is highly confidential, some information like the user’s private details might be shared with the other customers with prior consent of the user.

The company has been doing well for themselves and has been awarded with numerous awards which include WebWare 100 in 2008 and Sillicon Valley journal’s emerging tech award for cloud computing in 2009.


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