China to Allow Facebook, Twitter Access in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (Report)


Is China really to allow Facebook, Twitter, the New York Times and other important politically sensitive banned websites in its 11 square miles area separated in the Shanghai, the country’s financial hub. A recent report in the South China Morning Post mentioned that the people in China will be permitted to make use of Facebbok, Twitter and other politically banned websites within a separated free trade zone created in the Shanghai.

But denying any such news The People’s Daily, known as the official mouthpiece of China’s ruling party declared that China shall not be lifting the Great wall restrictions on Facebook, Twitter and other politically banned websites in its Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

Going back in the history, Facebook and Twitter were banned in Beijing in the mid 2009 after the popular riots in the western province of Xinjiang, which according to sources were boosted because of the popular social networking sites.

The Shanghai’s free trade zone however has been compared to the rules earlier made by former supreme leader Deng Xiaoping that opens up the Shenzen’s special economic zones to the foreign investors nearly about three decades ago.

Legally analyzed, there is no doubt that boost economic growth, foreign companies with the foreigners must be made feel at home in the free trade zone.  China’s ruling communist party ascents with the business opportunities offered with the use of Internet but is also worried with the contrary opportunities it offers for dissent and questioning of single party rule.

Both the aspects has to be carefully analyzed and answered to before allowing any changes in the Internet policy.


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