Why Chromebook awaits an Audience?


Since the first Chromebook shipped a year back, Google is yet to release the devices’ official sales figures but the not-so-tech-savvy consumer in us is still far from giving a vote of confidence to this little gadget wonder (or may be not!). In any case we thought it is time, we simplified “Chrome” for you.

Simply speaking it is a lightweight, chrome operating system powered, internet dependent laptop that starts up with a few seconds. What’s unique about the book if that all Apps except the browser are web Apps that run while you are connected to a network. This means that everything from your documents, photos and emails are saved on the web. The upside is that this gives you an access to your documents, Apps and settings from any computer and you never have to worry about losing your data even if something goes wrong with the Chromebook. But the downside remains that you will need internet access at all times whether Wi-Fi or 3G nonetheless it isn’t like a Smartphone or a tablet where you can Apps without internet access. Though you can use offline Apps if you download the offline version of the same but the selection is pretty limited. Chromebook’s desktop counterpart known as “Chromebox” also requires Internet connectivity.


In October this year, Google released a Samsung Chromebook powered by an ARM chip with “longer battery life, slimmer form factors, and lower prices.” though industry experts believe that what the device actually needs to be chosen as a primary computing device is “more Web Apps, richer Web Apps, and better offline functionality”.


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