Todays’ Cisco system was established way back in the year 1984 by two co workers of Stanford University computer staff Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner. The name CISCO was taken from the city name, San Francisco. Apart from these two,  KirkLougheed, Greg Satz, a programmer and Richard Troiano who handled the sales build up the early team of Cisco.

The company is headquartered at San Jose, California, America  and was made public in the year 1990. Cisco is known all over the world for designing, manufacturing and selling high worth moder class networking equipment and  accredits itself the title of thefirst company to start the business of selling successful routers that supports multiple protocols  commercially.

With the fast evolution and adaptation of Internet Protocols (IP) Cisco gained the monopoly in the market with products like modern access shelves (AS5200) , core GSR routers and rated as the most valuable company in the year 2009 with a market capitalization of more than $ 500 billion.

Cisco has also been the recipient of Ron Brown Award, a U.S. presidential award recognizing companies for the outstanding quality of their relationship with employees and social communities.

In the past year Cisco made news with the launch of its first ever global rebranding campaign to position Cisco as a global leader connecting all the unconnected with the IP address connectivity of people, data, processes and things with cloud computing .

Cisco will be the future of Internet of Everything!!!


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