Cisco will become the number 1 IT Company


Cisco CEO, John Chambers applauded the role of its company’s Unified framework along with emphasizing the strategy of holistic architecture which brings programmability, intelligence and application awareness to every facet of its infrastructure. This was part of the IDG Enterprise CEO Interview series where Chambers was speaking to the Chief Content Officer John Gallant. He ensured that following this policy CISCO would soon become the number one IT Company in the world.

 Although it’s a tall claim but the company has reasons to believe in it. With its spine-in product insieme playing a key role and the competitors finding it hard to match the company’s architectural play, it is sure possible for the Company to achieve this feat according to Chambers.

 A company which is in the middle of restructuring which began around 18 months back is looking trim and active. The aim to move from a direct player to a channel partner, where 80% of the business is, has started paying dividends.


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