In this new age of rampant computer dependence, the one thing which escapes the eye is the storage and reuse of the data. With so much data being generated everyday around the world, it’s not easy t0 store data on personal computers, especially for bigger companies.

In comes the “Cloud Computing”. As the name suggests, cloud computing is the practice of using remote servers connected by the internet, for storing, processing or managing your data. In simple words, when we use a server which is hired from someone else, to store and reuse our data, it is called cloud computing. As these servers are usually connected through internet via satellites, hence it was given the name “cloud”.

As larger corporations have a lot of data which might be re useable, they hire servers where they can store their data and which can be used by various employees working on different machines sitting anywhere in the world. Cloud Computing has provided so much relief in terms of data storage and multiple usage. Cloud services have expanded and now softwares as well as platforms are also being provided on cloud. Cloud computing not only lets multiple users use or store data, but it also helps in smartly allocating and distributing the data usage as per the company’s needs.

The best and the easiest example of cloud computing is the options provided by mobile and tablet providers especially Apple, wherein you can store your data of your iPad or connect multiple devices thorough icloud.  Many big companies like Google, provide cloud servers for hire these days.


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