Coming March or April Samsung Galaxy S5 is planning to provide with an iris scanning technology.


Samsung has the knack to surprise everybody. In this (2014), people will come across Samsung Galaxy S5, which, according to the Samsung executive, will have a technology that scans the iris. Now, it is very surprising and exciting. The world of cell phones will be taken by storm if any such technology is going to breathe in Samsung Galaxy S5. CES 2014 held in Las Vegas, witnessed and heard the plans of the executive. All grew excited and prayed hard for a February release. But, like the perfectionist Aamir Khan’s movies, the release will linger and it must be worthy enough. March or April at the most.

Samsung always releases something extraordinary. So, it must not surprise the masses. Such changes soon become the darling of the masses. It is presumed that the device will be a very high resolution one because such technology will require high and superb resolution also. Lets wait and watch.


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