What is Content Management System?


A content management system is a program that mainly deals in editing, publishing and modifying the content on web pages. Content management offers certain procedure to handle workflow in a collaborative atmosphere. The procedure can be in automated or manual steps. CMS frequently used to run sites consisting news, shopping and blogs. Most of the marketing and corporate sites utilize CMS. The objective of CMS is to avoid hand coding. The function of content management system is to organize files, store and provide version controlled entrance to their data. It showcases features like notably enterprise systems, provide powerful and complex functions.

A web content management system is stand-alone application to generate, handle, deploy and store content on web pages. Texts, photos, embedded graphics, video, code and audio are included in web content to interact with the internet user. CMS permits the user to control over HTML based files, web hosting plans and document depending on the system depth. Components of content management system are responsible for the creation of documents from components parts. For instance, a CCMS that utilizes DITA XML allows users to combine every single component topics into a document structure. This make sures that content is always consistent in entire documentation process.


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