A deadly duo – large smartphone with equally small price


The bad news, the dream camera is gone, the good news, well the rest are good. Nokia Lumia has always kept you on the edge. The new Nokia Lumia 1320 is very solid and is a LTE-capable phone. Though the storage capacity has shriveled, it is already rocking. The phone is well within reach and it is also having a supersize. The myth has been that the bigger phones are needed to be expensive. But there an exception occurs. It is colorful and has 6-inch large display. It is weighing 7.76 ounces and features a polycarbonate body.

 Like in Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Selfish Giant’, this time the giant is not selfish. This giant phone will take away your breath. The shades will be yellowish and orangish. Now the question remains to be answered, will this leap will prove to be fruitful for Nokia Lumia 1320 or not. It is already catching fire.


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