Designer of Windows Microsoft shifts job


Microsoft Corp’s (MSFT.O)’s Julie Larson-Green, who was also the face and force behind Windows’s latest design, has decided to shift to a fresh and new job. She was the most senior among the women executives and she planted Windows 7’s design works into our hearts. You are normally attracted to attractive designs, texture and the like. She was right behind Windows 7 and Windows 8. She has been assigned to run Microsoft’s Device and Studios Group. She will be a part the group of the ex-chief executive Steve Ballmer’s celebrated company, reorganized on last July. Her new job must be interesting and exciting. From here one cannot comment, yet the air of feelings reaches us.

She will be ensuring Microsoft’s various software that features an harmonized interface present in many devices. Such software plays an important role in this age which is dominated by the mobile computing. This move must not hamper the success enjoyed by Microsoft. Here’s wishing CEO Satya Nadella.


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