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Mathew Matt Cutt, a Ph.D holder in computer graphics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is currently heading the Webspam search team at Google. A bachelor in Mathematics and science, Cutts stated that search/information retrieval was never his field. He Joined Google in January, 2000 as a software engineer. Befor being promoted to Search Quality goup, Webspam at Google, Cutts has been working on projects like ads engineering and Safesearch, the Google’s family filter.

Matt Cutts has been recognized as a  co- inventor listed upon a Google patent related to search engines and web spam.

Cutts has been working as show man behind various contests, the recent is the one challenging developers all around the world to develop Microsoft Kinect compatible with the Linux operating system.

Acted as an advisor and spokesperson several times on the issues related to the use of Google search engines.On other occasion, he acted as a defense mechanism answering queries and doubts related to Google search algorithm.

You may follow him o Twitter @ mattcutts!


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