Dish and DirecTV hike prices for 2014


Christmas and New Year gift from Dish TV and DirectTV has been delivered to their customers, in form of increased prices. The Pay TV service providers have announced that there will be a hike in their prices from Christmas. The hike is applied to various television packages as well as in service fees.

In the era where live streaming of internet is far more popular, increasing the prices is a tough decision from these companies. Cable companies are making awful anti-cord cutting campaigns to win their subscribers back. The decision seems to put a nail in popularity of Pay TV world.

As an estimate, there will be an increment between $2 and $5 per month in service fees of both the companies. Together with service fees, the TV package prices will also go up. After this, the base “Entertainment” plan will cost $58 and the top package of DirectTV will cost $130 per month.

It is notable that the companies have already increased their prices in start of 2013. Seems tough, but both the service providers are pretty assured that the hike will not cost their customers. The companies have promised that their customers will get the value for their money, as the company will also improve their service.


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