How to download word file in iPhone

  1. Downloading the Word Documents on your iPhone is possible through “Documents To Go” application. You can easily download this application from iTunes App Store. It’s a paid application and thus you will need to pay a onetime amount while purchasing.
  2. After downloading the application, connect your iPhone with your computer.
  3. Download the Desktop Application of “Documents To Go” on your computer. This can be found on DataViz website.
  4. Once the Desktop application is downloaded, find the “My DocsToGo” folder. Copy the Word document in this folder that you desire to view on your iPhone. After copying the document, go to iTunes application and highlight your iPhone under the “Devices” section. Press “Sync” button located on the bottom-right corner. This will copy your Word document to your iPhone.
  5. Disconnect your iPhone from your computer. Your Word document is now available on your iPhone. Just touch the “DocsToGo” application icon and select the file you wish to open. Tap the file and it will be opened for you. To view it in magnified mode, place two fingers on the screen of your iPhone and move them in opposite direction. Alternatively, turn your phone sideways to see the document in landscape mode.

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