Developed by TechJect Dragonfly, a tech team from the University of Georgia Tech in the United States of America, Dragonfly is a Micro UAV that has an ability to fly like a bird as well as hover like a chopper.

It is a quadricopter that fits in your palm and has the ability to fly like an aeroplane that has fixed wings. Weighing just 25 Gms, it is powered by a lithium battery that gives it a capability of flying for almost 25 minutes and it can hover for 8 to 10 minutes at one place. Dragonfly has a patented four wing mechanism and body and an onboard computer and multi sensor suite which enables it to get commands.


Since it can act like a small drone, its initial project was funded by the U.S. Air Force, which granted it a $1 Million aid for initial development. The project has borne fruits and the dragonfly is a small insect which can do all that a drone can. It has multiple uses besides being used as toy plane, it can be a part of the national intelligence team and go beyond the enemy lines. Closer home, it can act as a spy in your garden, with its camouflage capabilities as it looks like any other flying insect.

The Dragonfly comes in different colors and its compact size is getting it raving reviews from all quarters.


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