Founded in 2007 and based out of San Francisco, California, Dropbox Incorporation is company that offers file hosting and cloud services through their product called Dropbox.

Dropbox basically is a file hosting software that allows you to make a folder on your computer and store files into it. The Dropbox then, upon synchronization, creates a similar folder through cloud, with exact name and contents. This folder can be accessed through any computer from anywhere in the world. It’s like carrying your data, whether it be your photos, music or other data files, with you, without actually carrying the computer or phone, which they are physically present. This gives the user a freedom to carry data like never before.

The founder, Drew Houston conceived the idea when he forgot to carry his USB drive during his college days at MIT. With more than 50 million users worldwide, Dropbox sure has come a long way. It has added a new feature which allows the users to automatically video or photographs from there Tablets, phones or cameras and even SD cards. The initial space of 5GB is extended to 8GB for this special feature.

Working on the freemium model, it provides free account to the users but with a limited space. A file upload through web is limited to 10GB but the capacity of the account can be extended by paying.

The company is going great guns, with the current evaluation of the company being more than $ 1 Billion.


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