Drupal vs WordPress


Most of the people choose WordPress for their CMS because it is the easiest and well famous content management system to run a website/blog. The technology behind adding pages, post, images and content are very simply. Since it is a browser related program, one can login to WordPress from any computer and manage their site. There is no need to understand HTML scripting language or to use FTP. WordPress offers all the tools for the user and websites made up of WordPress are loved by search engines. As compared to Drupal, user can understand WordPress easily and learn how to use the system much faster. This is because Drupal doesn’t provide easy tools. Content can be added immediately if the blog is build with WordPress.

There are several reasons to select Drupal among other CMS. Here the system view is clean with several high quality modules. It is specially built for high performance and it has built in scalable database, caching and InnoDB default. Several applications like SOAP, JSON and REST can be integrated. It is a powerful framework that provides solid foundation for websites/blog. With the help of various plugins it is easy to customize using WordPress. Sometimes customization will be very challenging and “easy to use interface“ may gain in the method of major customization. Security, management capabilities and SEO benefits in Drupal is better compared to WordPress. Drupal community is lesser than WordPress but provides plenty of features. While comparing WordPress vs Drupal it is better to see which CMS provide more.


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