About Drupal


Drupal is an open source content management framework illustrated in the form of PHP. It is an open source because it is launched under General Public License. For all websites like political, corporate and government sites it is utilized as a back end framework. It is also used for business collaboration and knowledge management. Drupal core is the standard form of Drupal. The fundamental features of Drupal are similar to that of content management system. It includes menu management, page layout customization, user account registration and maintenance, RSS feeds and system administration. The installation of Drupal core can also be utilized as a single or multi user blog, community site offering user generated information and simple sites.

It is also illustrated as web application framework because it holds the general feature requirements for those frameworks. Modules in Drupal core can be enabled by the administrator to enhance the functionality of core site. Core Drupal distribution offers several features including

  • Advanced search
  • Descriptive URLs
  • Access statistic and logging
  • Blogs, books forums, polls and comments
  • Multi level menu option
  • Multi user content generation and editing
  • User profile
  • opened support
  • Workflow tools (actions and triggers).

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