Emergency Notification System Launched: Get Twitter Alerts When You Need Them


At the end of the last month, Twitter announced the launch of its new system of Twitter Alerts that enables public institutions to send out emergency alerts via text message and push notifications in times of crisis. Users can now receive emergency notifications in form of text or push notifications from specific accounts that they sign up to, when that specific account sends a tweet labeled by it as an alert. At their setup page:[username]/, users can simply specify the accounts from which they did like to get alerts. ‘Alert’ tweets will also become visible along an orange bell icon in the Twitter stream, in addition to the texts and notifications.

This new feature with more than 70 participants already from global non-profits like World Health Organization and regional public institutions like American Red Cross and New Jersey State Police is meant to help users receive very vital as well as exact information during natural disasters and other emergency situations, from reliable organizations in a time when other systems of communication may be inaccessible.


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