Extinction of Social Media Manager With the Expansion of Social Media


Is social Media Manager no more a required position industry wise? According to a recently released report from the genuine career site, Job positions or requirement with the title “social media manager has taken a back hit showing a tremendous decrease to around 50% in the past year. It is the same position that used to show a triple or even quadruplet digit growth a few years back during the same period.

But this situation doesn’t mean that social media skills are not going to give any weightage to your resume.Infact there is a vast change industry wise in the manner social media itself is treated in an organization. Today we can see that use of social media for networking has become every department’s responsibility be it marketing for sales, customer care for addressing grievance, production for product launch or logistics for quick and effective tracking and streamlining supply chain.

Managers are mainly looking for social media savvy candidates for their business that can add value to their business. Social Media tools like Twitter and Facebook are no more restricted to digital gurus but everyone’s responsibility throughout the organization.

According to a recent report from Mckinsey pegs, productivity and consumer awareness has increased at a value of $ 1.3 trillion company wide. Companies like IBM also saw an increase in their revenues because of the implementation of social selling programs.

The requirement of a single person for creating hashtags on social networking sites like Twitter is no more needed It can be very well said that the identity of social media has changed throughout the organisation and social media has infact seen a tremendous increase all over the world in every possible field.

Start socializing for a better job now!Long Live Social Media.


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