No More Extra Shopping, Time To Save


Whoever is obsessed with shopping may find it difficult to digest that a certain smart handbag has descended. It is an iBag which is bent upon to stop over shopping. Just imagine you are approaching your favorite shopping hub, at that very moment, you will be alarmed with flashing LED lights or a text will be sent so that it finally stops you from making a hole in the pocket. This pocketbook will literally eliminate your chances to over shop by locking. The purse is shut the moment there is overspending. Now, this is certainly a gift that may have mixed reactions.

 It is equipped with an integrated GPS system that tracks and informs you about the nearest shopping stores. Too much of anything is bad, thus it will help those you are control freak in matters related to shopping and spending. The website at present has enlisted volunteers and is continuing to do so. The iBag may be priced at $199. Those who cannot resist shopping, they can watch ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ (2009).


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