Facebook and Twitter: Battling it out “Real-Time”


Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are in a heated battle of “real time” conversations, with recent efforts from both to add real-time features enabling consumers and advertisers to focus on “What’s happening right now”. Since Google has been using timeline in a big way to put up ads that are in cognizance with you search results, social networking sites are gearing towards selling ads towards whatever people are talking about right this moment and not what happened yesterday or tomorrow.

Twitter recently started working with companies to analyze social network chatter and about TV shows and tracking consumers’ reactions to advertising message while also buying automated services that let advertisers put messages on twitter and other mobile sites. Meanwhile, Facebook, along with hashtags and “trending topics,” is working on two new software tools. One, providing constantly updated stream of posts on a particular topic and the other displaying members posting on a topic – broken down by age, gender and location though only revealing posts that members designated as public. Currently it is sharing it with handful of media partners, with plans to share the tool with advertising partners.

While Facebook uses member’s likes and interest to deliver all kinds of targeted advertising, Twitter sells “promoted tweets” or ads that are geared toward current conversations. Twitter is said to have more than 200 million users, yet Facebook with plenty a conversations within its walls amongst its more than 1 billion audiences, is estimated to sell more than $6 billion worth of ads current year, as against Twitter’s $600 million.


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