Facebook buys WhatsApp – How it matters for you?


WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps available in the market for smart phone. It has the largest number of users available in the market. Although the app is not free. For the 1st year one can use the app for free and after that the app charges .99$ per year.

There were a number of large scale takeover took place in the last year. Lenovo bought the server section of IMB, Microsoft bought Nokia and Skype. But among all these deals, according to every aspect takeover of WhatsApp is the most important one. The Facebook has seen 28% more login without WhatsApp in a single day. There is speculation that Facebook is going to introduce voice call to WhatsApp very soon.

To keep track and balance with the changing landscape of the tech-world Facebook has entered the arena of the smart phones with the most popular and expanding app available in the market. There are a number of apps of the same kind and apps which are popular in various part of the world, but in terms of global usage WhatsApp is one of the most important apps without any doubt. The number of users has changed the rate of subscription after take over by Facebook.


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