Facebook to come up with a digital newspaper


The darling of Social Networking Sites (SNSs) – Facebook is on the threshold of providing the news lovers the facility to get news via a standalone social news reader for those who are there on the mobile devices. Though there are weeks before its release, the fever is rising high now. People are getting excited as they want to remain informed all the time. It will be a digital newspaper and has been called “Paper”. The expected time of arrival is the concluding week of January. The application will be supported in the mobile phones and there are few similarities between Facebook paper and Flipboard (another social news reader).

There will be a gamut of collections form all the news sources and media companies. Only time will time whether the innovation will stand all adversities or not. For the time-being, the users are waiting eagerly for their new social news reader. After all the aim should be to entertain, inform and educate.


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