Facebook vs Google Plus for Personal


Once upon a time Facebook was the darling of the social media. It started losing its value with the increase of advertises, about privacy issue, new restriction on what people observe and lack of quality in the content. Due to these factor most of the people are started looking for alternative. Google Plus was criticized at the beginning stages. It was very difficult to identify other members and interact with them. But now the scenario has changed completely. In the year 2012, Google Plus launched interactive forums and communities where user discusses the things that are most significant to them. There are few communities consisting of more than 50,000 members.

Facebook mainly deals in connecting your existing friends and building relationship with them. Google Plus allows you for new connections, identifying interesting people and finding out the information that touches your heart. It’s not like Facebook can’t assist you to identify new thing or Google Plus doesn’t connect you with current friends. Google Plus allows you to post your own content and defines what you want to see. Friends can be added in circles but in Facebook they can be added by sending the friend request


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