Facebook’s Deep Learning: for A deeper relationship between you and the market


Facebook recently set up an eight member team to look into the potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence in data analysis bringing together experts like Yaniv Taigman, Marc’Aurelio Ranzato and Keith Adams supposedly meant to improve Newsfeeds. Facebook’s with its AI system “Deep learning” that is all set to truly understand who we are and what we need. Facebook‘s neutral network will soon start looking into much of our communications which may be more personal and less lucid, in a extraordinarily human way.

Artificial neural networks use nodes to put together intricate interconnections, remembering links between concepts, streamlining the process of retrieval and analysis and thereby organizing ideas as layers of definitions. Deep learning will make data analysis so much more refined that it can construct your personality through your social output. A powerful Deep Leaning algorithm can works out our emotions, events objects in pictures and may start recommending or even rewording information, putting in front of us marketing material that fits our preferences and dictate the way we interact on social media.

Off course we all know that social media is largely Ad driven and mines data like user interests, movies, products and brands to enhance our updates and banner ads to sell us on our favorite things. And tech experts say that this is nothing new but what they are concerned about is the implication of data collection and retention itself and the vast amount personal information available on Facebook. Well, Facebook already knows you favorite movies, bands, books, what you say or what you do and where you do it but it may soon know what you are about to feel or do. What’s more troubling is that Facebook is as well in the right to sell these thoughts.


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