Facebook’s foray into the world of business is a must


Facebook stunned all with its foray into the business world. It has become a new and innovative model for the applications centering on business. Oracle’s CEO maintains that what SAP and Oracle built a decade ago were not suitable in this age of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. He also added that the modern-day business apps requires social network at the more base level and also must be very user-friendly. Only buying costly software is not the solution. The workers must be expert and well-trained in these areas.  It is the age of Facebook and Twitter, how can anybody expect that the world of business should remain barren without it.

 The CEO opined that human capital management and customer service are very essential apps of this century. Treating the customers well is an indispensable part for registering a win for the companies. He was very clear in this throat when he hugged Facebook and its apps.


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